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33185 dentist

Where can I find a dentist in Miami?

If you’re experiencing a toothache, traumatic dental injury, have a dislodged crown, or a lost or broken dental appliance, it can be vital to act fast. Ignoring the problem can cause any associated discomfort as well as other symptoms to get worse. This can increase the risk of irreversible damage to your oral health and even affect your overall well being. Thanks to Dr. Q dentistry, you have an experienced and compassionate dental professional who you can turn to in the case of a dental emergency. When you contact our office for an emergency visit, we will prioritize your urgent condition and do all we can to treat your oral health issue right away.

33185 dentist

Among the most common reasons patients seek emergency treatment at your 33185 dentist is a toothache. The dental pain we refer to as a toothache falls into either one of two categories—odontogenic pain, which arises from the nervous tissue of the tooth itself, or non-odontogenic pain, which stems from the surrounding face, jaw, or head. When you visit your 33185 dentist regarding a toothache, Dr. Q will perform a thorough examination of your teeth and jaw as well as the soft and hard tissues in and around the oral cavity to determine the cause of your pain. Special diagnostic films will be taken as needed to aid in the detection of issues in the underlying bone. As your 33185 dentist, Dr. Quintana will advise you of the most effective treatment plan to address your dental pain and its underlying cause.

We recommend patients have a plan in place in the event of a dental emergency, which starts by keeping our information handy. When you give us a call our staff will help schedule you promptly and at your earliest convenience for care. At Dr. Q Dentistry our goal is to get you back to your daily life in no time by relieving your discomfort along with all the stress and confusion typically associated with health emergencies.

Feel free to contact our office anytime for more information on our office and the many dental services that we provide.

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