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Where Can I Get 33185 Dental Implants?

Having to deal with the lost of one tooth, or even multiple teeth, can prevent you from fully enjoying the benefits of a healthy and beautiful smile. Luckily, there are a number of treatment options available today for patients who are missing teeth. By far, the most remarkable of these options is dental implants. Representing the most advanced method of care, 33185 dental implants come the closest to replicating the look and feel of natural teeth.

33185 Dental Implants

The fact of the matter is that dental implants have an unparalleled 98% success rate, making them the most successful of all implanted surgical devices. At a consultation with Dr. Quintana for 33185 dental implants, every aspect of your oral health will be evaluated. This involves assessing the state of your underlying jawbone, which is essential to provide an adequate foundation for the dental implant. All dental implants are made of a completely biocompatible material, meaning they are able to naturally integrate itself into the organic structure of your oral cavity. As soon as your new implant is placed, a natural process called osseointegration begins, stimulating the surrounding bone to grow right up against the implant—on all sides—securing it firmly into place. The insertion of a dental implant also works to prevent the deterioration of bone mass that can come with tooth loss, helping to maintain the natural contours of your face. After a few weeks of letting the implant integrate, your dentist will be able to affix a natural looking prosthetic to the implant, such as a single-tooth crown, bridge or full denture. A dental implant can also be used to stabilize a denture to prevent slippage. Once in place, implants require no special care beyond regular brushing, flossing, and routine dental checkups. Properly maintained, your 33185 dental implants can last for many years to come.

To learn more about our dental implant treatment, or to set up a consultation with Dr. Quintana, call us today. Our conscientious and friendly staff will work to ensure all your dental needs and concerns are addressed. We take pride in providing a wide range of dental services to members of the Miami community.


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